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O.R.B: Off-world Resource Base

PC-spillTilstand: Brukt (Slitasje på cover)


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Two fully developed races with their own campaigns, unique strategies and technologies.

The Malus are a product of their planet’s harsh environment. Scarce water, extremely high temperatures and a volatile climate have created a stout and rigidly disciplined culture based on strength and triumph over adversity. They have come to see themselves as the rightful rulers of the cosmos… Their ignorance led them to believe they were alone in the universe, but they were wrong…

The Alyssians are an independent, self-sufficient and fatalistic race, who have sacrificed their individualism for the greater cause of societal harmony. They are democratic and egalitarian, however in this new age of scientific progress, those who excel in the military sciences are esteemed above all… Seeking wisdom and forever expanding their knowledges of the universe, the Alyssians soon discovered that they were not alone…



Brukt (Slitasje på cover)