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Ground Control II: Operation Exodus

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The story begins in A.D. 2741 on a distant planet called Morningstar Prime, a world initially colonized during 24th century by Crayben Corporation from Earth. Morningstar Prime is but one of hundred planets discovered during mankinds reemergence from the Third World War. Morningstar Prime resembles Earth in many ways, it features indigenous life forms and a similar but still different floar and fauna.

During the First Stellar War in the 25th Century, the Crayven Corporation lost contact with the colony on Morningstar Prime, leaving them and the other colonies in the outer fringes to fend for themselves. In 2701, the new Terran Empire returned to the outer fringes with the intent of reconquering those colonies. The Imperial forces initially expected little resistance, having assumed that Morningstar would have been devastated and regressed like many other outer colonies.



Brukt (Uåpnet i plast)



PEGI 12+



System requirements

Processor: Pentium 3 or higher, Disc space: 1.5GB, RAM: 256 MB, Graphics: 32MB Direct3D, OS: Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT